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Ardupilot aeroplane drone

Fixed Wing Under 2Kg


Fixed Wing Under 2kg

Fixed Wing Drones

Single Operator Survey Platform - $4,900 (Inc. GST)

The single operator survey platform is a 1.5 m delta-wing airframe, providing stable flight with lots of lift and a simple design. It runs a compact camera, taking 20 Mega Pixel images, capable of 2.25 cm/pixel resolution at 100 m. The camera can be configured to trigger at certain time intervals, or triggered autonomously from the flight controller to create 2D orthomosaics and 3D models. The flight controller is an open-source Ardupilot flight controller which we have tested thoroughly and found to be very successful. This airframe is capable of up to 30 minute* operational flight times, covering approximately 30 km on a single battery.


This aircraft also has a flying weight of under 2kg meaning that it will be eligible for operation under the new Sub 2-kilogram regulation recently released by CASA. 


*30 minute flight times are based on real-world operations, carrying the camera and conducting surveys. However, please note that this flight time is weather dependant, and strong winds reduce flight time.

What's included? 


  • Airframe including all electronics (servos, motor, esc and flight control system)

  • Batteries X 2

  • FrSky Taranis Plus transmitter* 

  • Camera (along with memory card and spare battery)

  • Long range ground telemetry module

  • Charger

  • Field maintenance kit (including tools and spares)

  • 2 hours of training in airframe set-up and flight**   



*The airframe comes with a FRsky Taranis Plus, however, if you already own a compatible transmitter

  and receiver, there is a $300 discount.

**Subject to collection in person at out workshop facility


Please contact us at for more information.

Ardupilot Survey Drone
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