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Commercial Drone Services

VUAS offers professional, fully insured drone mapping, inspection & photography/videography services Australia-wide. We are fully CASA certified and operate a range of commercial platforms in both multi-rotor & fixed wing categories to best suit your needs.

Drone Mapping  

Mapping is VUAS' bread and butter, we have a load of experience in various mapping outputs that compliment different goals and applications working in a variety of industries. For example, our geo-referenced 3D digital terrain models can enable industries to view their operations as an entirety and implement planning and decision-making based around this model.

You can almost guarantee that the first question we'll ask is, what is your primary goal that we are trying to achieve? Everything we do is based around that goal, from there we can select an appropriate RPA platform, either multi-rotor or fixed-wing along with a suitable software application.

We are capable of mapping anything from a backyard sized area where generally a multi-rotor is better suited right up to 5km2 per day with our X8 fixed-wing platform designed for large area mapping and surveying. Resolution can be tailored specifically to your requirements, however, we are capable of delivering sub-centimetre per-pixel resolution.

Below are some of our regular outputs for industry:

Digitial Surface Model (DSM)

3D model of the earths surface, which includes linear features of the surface such as trees, scrub and man-made structures. 

Digital Terrain Model


Overlapped and stitched individual images to create one image that is geometrically corrected and provides an accurate representation of the Earth's surface. 

Contour Maps

Point Cloud 

A number of tie points taken from a number of still images to form the basis of a 3 dimensional model. These are also used to generate orthromosaics, contour lines and triangular meshes.

Triangle mesh


Through the creation of a DSM we can manipulate the data to provide accurate measurements of volumes. For example, to measure the volumes of stockpiles or landfill.

Digital Surface Model

Digitial Terrain Model (DTM)

The same as a DSM although it normalises the surfaces and usually gives a smooth bare ground terrain model.


Contour Lines

A 3D model that also includes contours line which indicate elevation. The closer the lines the steeper the elevation (the contour line intervals can be set to various values ie. 5m).

Point Clouds

Triangular Meshes

A type of polygon mesh where lines are draw between points within the point cloud to form 3 dimensional objects with smooth surfaces. These meshes are commonly used for 3D modelling, architectural concepts and virtual environment design along with generating DTM & DSM.

Volumetric reports

Drone Inspection  

External Asset Inspection

VUAS is your one stop shop for all your aerial inspection needs. We are fully certified, insured and prepared to mobilise quickly to undertake industrial grade inspections. Aerial drone inspections are not only lower cost & a safer approach to conventional methods of imaging but they also allow you to make periodic comparisons of asset and infrastructure condition over time.


We have previously inspected telecommunication towers, water tanks, flare stacks, quarries and solar panel inspection among others. Our dedicated multi-rotor inspection platform holds a compact 20 megapixel DLSR which is capable of 4K video capture and high resolution image capture that is able pick up small writing on the back of a light post.

We are commonly inspecting for rust, cracks or fractures, structural integrity and material condition. If it's in the air chances are we can inspect it for you. If you have specific questions regarding what you need inspected, get in contact with us, we'll be sure to help you out.

Flare stack
telecommunications tower

Internal/Confined Space Asset Inspection

Whether it's a silo, water tank, tunnels or pipes, underground sewerage or mine or any other confined space or hazardous environment, VUAS is now capable of inspecting these environments in a safer, more time & cost effective manner. 

The Flyability Elios is a collision-tolerate, confined space inspection drone designed to fit through a small man hole and explore the tightest, darkest and most inaccessible of spaces. Equipped with a high resolution camera, thermal sensor & extremely bright LED lighting system with wireless communication back to the remote pilot, your assets can now be inspected, identified and decisions made within a matter of hours. 

Take advantage of one of the most technologically advanced UAV system in the world, for a safer and inexpensive resolution, get in contact with us today. 

freefly elios

Drone Photography/Videography  

At VUAS we believe in letting our clients choose what they do and, more importantly, don't need. That's why we offer a base imagery service with a variety of processing options that our clients can mix and match from depending on their needs. So you can have all the bells and whistles with a finished product handled by us from start to finish or at the end of the shoot we can hand you the memory card allowing you to get your imagery edited by your own choice of professionals. 

Our versatile range of airborne platform deliver unrivalled flexibility and value when compared with that of a boom camera and operator. Capable of flying in most conditions, and with a wind tolerance of up to 30km per hour, our commercial platforms deliver the shots you want at the resolution you need.


Let us know what you need done and we'll have the answer for you!

Lake Pertobe Boats
raceing team
Sunset drone

Drone Water Sampling  

Whether it's offshore or inland, Victorian UAS offer a full suite of water sampling services.

The advantage of water sampling from a UAV over traditional methods include:

  • An increase in safety, no need to put people at risk on rock ledges and in surf zones.

  • An increase in speed, collect a sample from up to 500m away in less than 10 minutes.

  • An increased ability to access previously non-accessible areas.


Accurate repeatability, because a drone can set a location outside of the tidal zone samples can be gathered repeatedly from the same GPS location +/- 5m making time series monitoring easier and more accurate.


Our custom built water sampling aircraft can sample in a broad range of conditions including swell heights of up to 3m and can operate up to 500m from the take-off point. In good conditions up to 30 samples can be collected in one day.  

Our payload can sample up to 1000ml of water in a single dip satisfying the needs of most standard lab tests including, nutrient levels, PH, E. Coli and algae load.

The flexibility of this system makes it ideal for both routine compliance sampling and urgent one off sampling.    

Water sampling drone in action
Water sampling Drone
Water sampling
Drone water sampleing in action
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