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Meet the Team

Mathew is the founder of Victorian UAS Training. With over a a decade in RPAS operations and a lifetime obsession with aviation.  Starting with Airforce Cadets, moving through General Aviation and aeromodelling, and now the Director of Victorian UAS Training.


Along with years of experience flying Multirotor and Fixed Wing platforms, Mathew has a background in system research, development, and prototyping for commercial markets. 


He is passionate about the UAV industry in Australia, believing that passing on the skills needed and offering support to new operators is key to industry growth and stability, and eager to share his experience.


Paul Harris
Training Manager, RPAS Pilot 


Paul comes from a background in the Airlines working for some of the giants in the Australian aviation industry. 

His passion is aviation legislation, systems and compliance. 

His role at VUAS involves course content generation and student coordination and most who train with us will meet Paul at some during their time here.    

Michael Herbert

RPAS Pilot, Flight Instructor and Education Liaison

Michael has been with Victorian UAS since 2016. He comes to the organization with a background in aviation, automotive, marine, military (RAAF), communications, tourism and a  Bachelor of Environmental Science (Freshwater Biology).


His role within Victorian UAS is as a strong allrounder and includes; Flight and theory instruction, Research & Development (design, manufacture and fitment of specialist components), Education Liaison (STEM).


He is also involved in general aviation as a pilot and enjoys coastal pursuits, including protection of native animal and bird species.​

VUAS_ST_20230209-3708 (1)_edited.jpg

Hanna Geeson
Flight Instructor

Hanna is one of our Alumni completing here RePL training with us back in 2019. She now joins us as one of our flight instructors passing on her extensive experience gained working with RPAS in the Marie research field. 


Hanna has a background in environmental sciences and has extensive experience is using drones as a tool to make data collection easier in challenging environments.   

Darren Hayes
RPAS Pilot, Flight Instructor

Darren joins the team from an aviation technology background. He brings with him a passion for systems capability and the development of new applications for RPAS. 


He also has extensive experience in the General Aviation sector and hold his pilots license. This allows for the unique perspective of understanding the challenges face by both sides of the aviation industry and give an insight to students about how the aviation industry works as a whole wherever possible.     


Mathew Herbert 
Founder, Chief Remote Pilot and Director

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