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AROC Course & GELP Assesment


Obtaining a an AROC is highly recommended if you intend to obtain your ReOC (or work under someone else’s)  as it fulfils the requirements  the Civil Aviation Regulations (CASR 101.285 (3-8)). This allows you to operate within 3NM or aerodrome and in controlled airspace along with any other scenario where CASA requires the use of an air band radio.

Along with the AROC we also deliver an English Language Proficiency which put simply asses your level of proficiency in speaking and comprehending the English language and is required for AROC application.

VTC Melbourne

The Airband Radio Operators Certificate (AROC) is necessary to legally operate an Air Band Radio and is a useful addition to any RePL holder.

​The AROC certificate is independent of the Remote Pilot Licence and can be issued to anyone over the age of 16.

$395 (inc gst) 


AROC courses are run on demand at all of our training locations 

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