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Remote Pilots License course

RePL Course FAQ's
Your Frequently Asked Questions

Victorian UAS offer many options and pathways to getting airborne. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions to help understand the training process and address some industry terms. 


How much time does the Online RePL courses take?

Approximately 6 full days which includes 2 days of self directed online modules, 2 Virtual Classroom days with one of our experienced instructors, and finally 2 days face to face for exams and flight training.   

Do you take group bookings?

Absolutely, please get in contact with us. We may also be able to accommodate and travel to you.


What's an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) and do I need one?

An ARN put simply is a personal identification number a bit like a tax file number. All aviation activities are linked back to your ARN be it registering your drone, your RePL or you Airband Radio Operators Certificate so you will absolutely need one before you get started. Thankfully they are easy to get by visiting the CASA website.



I have never flown a drone before will I like it and how hard is it?

There is skill involved in flying a drone safely and reliably, however it is also a lot of fun. We tailor our flight packages individually by offering both dual and solo hours to suit each students skill and requirements ensuring that you achieve the highest level of skill in the minimum amount of flight time. You’ll be fine.


I have my PPL but I dont know how to fly drones, can you help?

We can, Victorian UAS can train you in all the practical aspects of flying an RPAS. We have a variety of different type training courses (see courses page) , including multirotor and fixed-wing aircraft with various different weight classes on offer to suit the specific student and tasks they intend to undertake in the RPAS industry. You need a minimum of 5 hours flight time before you can register for a Remote Pilot Certificate (RePL).


I’m a total ace with my drone, so I wont need to do the practical stuff right?

That’s great, with that level of skill you should sail through. To obtain an RePL you're required to have a minimum of 5 hours flight time. If you have recorded previous hours on your own drone, these can make up part of those hours and you're only require the hours to meet competency (we can have a play around with other aircraft though).


(Please note: All previous hours must be appropriately logged and inclusion of those hours is up to instructors discretion).


Do I need an RePL to fly my drone, what is considered a commercial operation?

If you're flying your drone for "sport or recreation" and to share videos with your friends, then the operation is not considered commercial. However, if you're flying for money or for any form of economic gain the operation is consider to be a commercial operation and require an RePL.

You can fly a sub 2KG drone commercially without an RePL in what's called the excluded category (for more details please follow the link to the CASA website). We offer a Introduction to Drones course which as the name suggests give you an overview of the aircraft and its components along with several hours behind the sticks. If you want to fly any aircraft above 2KG then you will require an RePL.

Do I need an ReOC to operate commercially?

Yes, if you're flying commercially outside of the excluded category (any aircraft above 2KG or any conditions outside the standard operating conditions) you are indeed required to operate under an Remote Operator's Certificate (ReOC). An RePL is an individual license while an ReOC is an organizational license.

A useful analogy of how an RePL and ReOC interact is that of a taxi company. A taxi company requires a business license to transport people which covers the entire organisation and each taxi driver working under this certification requires a commercial drivers license.​ The same is true for an ReOC and an RePL where the ReOC is the general company certification where multiple RePL certified pilots can work under. 

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