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Ardupilot Fixed wing

Ready to Fly Airframes

RTF Airframes
Drone training

Ready to Fly Airframes 

Looking to do a specific job and need an airframe custom built to do it or need an airframe with broader more flexible capabilities than others in the existing market? If the answer is yes, then this is the page for you!

We custom build airframe to suit clients’ needs and can package them specific advanced training to give you the edge in what’s become one of the fastest growing industries in Australia. We consult with our clients directly to understand what their specific needs and challenges are to come up with a custom cost effective solution with lead times down to as little as four weeks.

If what you need is true flexibility, we also provide general purpose

“work horse” platforms with open architecture. This means that they

can support a wide variety of payloads is a wide variety of conditions

which is a must when breaking new ground.


To find out more about custom platforms please contact us and to

get an idea of what’s possible please check out our general-purpose

platforms in both multirotor and fixed wing classes.

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