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Become a CASA Certified 
Drone Pilot 

Manual Of Standards 101 Compliant

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If you want to fly a drone commercially that is heavier than 2KG then you'll require a Remote Pilots License or RePL.

Victorian UAS offers fully CASA Manual Of Standards 101 (MOS 101) compliant online RePL courses. We also offer an RPAS mapping course along with a range of RPAS type training courses.

Based in regional Victoria we have multiple training sites across the state  so no matter where you are there will be a Victorian UAS training base near you. If you'd like to become a certified drone pilot, get in touch with us! 


The team at VUAS have a background in landscape architecture and environmental science. Because of this our main areas of work are drone mapping, inspection, off shore drone water sampling  and aerial imaging. We provide services to industries such as agriculture, environmental research/monitoring, engineering & surveying (if you're not one of these industries, don't worry there are too many subsets to list but we can probably help you out!).

We dont just capture but process as well producing high accuracy photogrammetry outputs.

The outputs we can produce surrounding mapping include Orthomosaic, 3D DSM, 3D DTM, Geotiffs, Volumetrics and a whole host of other acronyms that will boggle your mind. If you're not sure if we will be able to assist you, give us a quick call.

Our other specialty is custom development. We have worked on a multitude of platforms (terrestrial, marine and aerial) to suit unique and specific tasks such as inspection solutions, field robotics and both fixed-wing and multi-rotor ready to fly custom drone/RPAS builds.

Comercial Services


Victorian UAS are one of Australia oldest RePL training providers. Since our founding in 2014 we have trained 100’s of remote pilots that have gone on to work in all corners or our rapidly evolving industry.   

We pride ourselves on our excellence and personalized course delivery ensuring that our students not only have the flight proficiency required to be a successful Remote Pilots but also an extensive industry overview to ensure their success.

Our alumni network allows us to maintain contact with our students post training completion. We are always happy to assist our past students with information and support whenever they need it not just while they are training.   

Our RePL training is conducted using our dedicated training platforms in both fixed-wing and multirotor categories. These RPAS systems have been specifically designed to give the best range of experience to new operators and allow them to safely transition onto other commercial platforms.

Victorian UAS also provide solutions for businesses and individuals to leverage drone and field robotics technology through a range of consulting and commercial services. These range from proof of concept and technique development, for new areas of the industry, to drone mapping, inspection, aerial photography, and water sampling services.  

​Our goal is to help the Australian RPAS industry grow by providing training and support for those starting out and linking them with local developers of drone technologies and associated equipment to help grow the industry for all.

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