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It might be cold outside but training is on fire!

Good morning all,

Here is a quick blog post to keep everyone up to date with what it happening in the world of VUAS.

Well, it's been busy, our busiest winter we've had, it almost seems like winter never came. We've had multiple RePL courses come and go over the last couple of months along with ongoing RPAS builds and development. Not to mention the cluster of commercial operations keeping us on our toes.

Image: out in the field getting some flight hours up. Thanks again to this group of students, you were a breeze to instruct.

We are all very excited for the upcoming summer season and hope to see some new and old faces through our doors in the coming months.

Here is a picture of our staff so you can put names to faces :)

From left to right; Tom, Jesse, Mathew, Michael and Perry.

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